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:: Impeccable Diet ::

I was having a debate with Muazzam last weekend about diet. Together with us, of course Mr. Iman Mishary Zafran. I guess he's just being never ending frowned judges. Firstly we went to drive thru McD to get some munchies (some munchies?!! I wonder we call McD Mega Mac some munchies!! hahaha) Actually we didn't take our lunch yet....(uwhhh..alright, whateva)

I have ordered Spicy Chicken McDeluxe well Muazzam with his LE Mega Mac. I can sniffed out his yummilicious, scrumptious Mega Mac when he opened up the box but i pretended like i did not have binge on it at all. Inside... i was screaming like least he offered me a bite! And then... he offered me 'You wanna have a bite?' Offer came right after he wolfed down almost all of it. He left me a little tiny piece of that Limited Edition Mega Mac!! Well...tragically, i ate it.

Ok, back to the topic on diet, i just 'brained out' the theories that i browsed from the books, internet, mags about diet, how to curb our cravings, how to control our eating binge bla..bla..bla.. i have read a lot about it but i remember only some of it. For example to make sure you get good shape; eat before 7pm, some experts says don't eat after midnight, some says we should empty our stomach after 10pm and bla bla bla... Well, different experts different theories. As life speeds up, the craving is speeding even faster! Look at the foods now, Ooo myy... even donuts..they commercialized it and come with tasty topping until i got drooling!

Enough ramblings on diet theories plus Muazzam's theories some more...the he came out with one beautiful concept of diet, exquisite.... He told me "We can eat/drink anytime we want, moslem diet should take this as a guide

Firman Allah;

Makan dan minumlah, tapi jangan berlebihan (Surah Al Araf: 31) then he added

Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW;

Makan ketika lapar, berhenti sebelum kenyang

If we follow this, InsyaALLAH we are going to be ok! Why not we follow this? Why we need to memorize and follow all that kapir punya diet!!"

Bingo! He is absolutely 100% right and i just got a 'twinge' on my head and face when i heard that. I have to admit i have slipped my mind about this beautiful diet, how could i! Ya ALLAH ampunilah hambaMu yang hina ini....
I would like to end my writings with these beautiful words below;
Sabda Rasulullah SAW, maksudnya;

Tidak ada tempat yang lebih buruk jika ia dipenuhi oleh anak Adam, iaitu perutnya. Cukuplah makan beberapa suap sahaja untuk menegakkan (menguatkan) tulang rusuknya. Walau bagaimanapun jika ingin makan banyak juga, janganlah melebihi, iaitu cukuplah dengan mengisi perut, sepertiga untuk makanan, sepertiga untuk air dan sepertiga lagi untuk nafas (udara)" (Riwayat Ahmad dan At Tirmizi)


GJOE said…
try this method:

makan sikit2 tapi acapkali

meaning: berhenti sblm kenyang la tapii... makan setiap 2 jam...

hehehe hope this method wont turn u to erra in cinta kolestrol hahaha

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