Lady Marmalade

I like the picture background. Credit to the photographer! That is Kak Eila with her lovely daughter – Fatih Eleasa, 11. Isn’t that this picture cute huh?! Actually she has 1 son and 2 daughters. Two of them are not in the picture. Hashriq – 19 and Fatih Eleanor – 13. We’ve been knowing each other for almost 12 years. Same goes to SPL, they both are like sisters to me. As I recall, we never have ‘domestic crisis’ in our relationship. I don’t know about taking it inside the heart….he he he he…rasanya takde kan…hope so!

Ok back to Kak Eila, in our group she’s like an eldest sister to us. One thing I like the most about her, is her philosophy – DON’T DRAG YOUR PROBLEMS INTO THE FIELD, THERE IS A SPACE FOR YOU TO TREASURE THE MOMENT OF BLISS. DON’T BURDEN YOUR HEAD SO MUCH THINKING ABOUT THOSE PROBLEMS! She once told me something like that. That’s why I often seen her always smile. When I was looking for someone to share about the movies, songs especially Winter Sonata, she is the one! We can talk almost everything about the movies and songs. Just imagine we have ever at one time spent together watching Winter Sonata the whole day. How crazy we were! Recently we have listening to the song by Engelbert Humperdinck. She said ‘we’ve got the same taste’, she even wondered why a person at my age can mention about Engelbert Humperdinck. And then we’ve started to recall the songs by Engelbert, like Quando, Quando, The Way It Used To Be (this is most my fav), The Last Waltz and etc.

Another one thing I love about her, she always makes us laugh with her spontaneous jokes. In this skill, I guess she is undefeated by the most comedian on this planet… I still remember until now, about one day while we were waiting for the ‘driver’ picking us up at the smoking shed. That time I was still working. Kak Eila and I were chatting at the smoking shed and her hand was holding a plastic of ‘belimbing buluh’ (small starfruits). So, while we were chatting, SPL has reached the smoking shed to pick her up (fyi, Kak Eila is a ‘by default’ passenger for CBH7505) In that muddle situation, one of the staff called up her name and asked;

‘Eila, what’s in the plastic bag?’

Kak Eila : Belumbung Bilih!!!

After she answered it, she just got in the car. Nothing worry her so much about the incorrect pronounciation. And everytime when I remember this, definitely I will grin widely. Actually there's a lot of things i love about Kak Eila.....

Kak Eila, SPL, I love you guys so much! Nothing on this earth can replace you guys.


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