How To Lose Weight In Ten Minutes

I have dropped 12 kg...(well heck, it was only in my dream!) Muazzam always said "you bukan gemuk, cuma you kena control your weight je"(you are not fat, it's just you should control your weight). Maybe he's trying to say something nice without hurting me. And maybe he's right. But one day he bought me a dvd -10 MINUTE WORKOUTS TO SHAPE UP YOUR WHOLE BODY. What does it means? I was in deep bewildered so i need someone expert to explain pleaseeeeee!!!!!!

Forget about that bewilderment. So I try to do it everyday for ten days, ten minutes per day, yes, it works. I can feel my calories were blasted. But day after day, i was getting lack of energy doing it, even for only ten minutes, i feel like ten hours or ten days long. When i looked myself in the mirror and murmured; I'm not that fat actually, it's just that i'm putting some weight muahahahahahaha Before i've got married, my weight was around 38kg, and nowwwwwwwww...sorry i can't tell you. THIS IS STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

After i went thru a laser operation, it was not meant for my weight actually, it meant for my treatment to conceive. I have lost my weight about 4 kg. (This is not an artificial movie ok, it's proven when my friends also noticed about the drop). So i plan to maintain my weight by; EATING RIGHT AND DISCIPLINE MYSELF.

Let's take a look at my higgledy-piggledy diet story -

Last weekend on Saturday, Muazzam's office mate has invited us for his 'kenduri doa selamat'. Over there we were served with daging masak kari (beef curry), ayam sambal (chicken fried with chilli - my favourite), sayur kacang panjang goreng (fried beans vege) and syrup jelly. Actually i did not take chicken for quite sometime since the 'birds flu' several months ago. And now the chicken is free from the flu, alhamdulillah (Praise to ALLAH). And i ate a lot... i took chicken, beef, all of it, senang cerita (is easy to tell). Burpppp....

On Sunday, the following day.... We've got wedding invitation. Muazzam's friend has got married. And againnnn....the dishes were; ayam sambal, daging masak kerutup, kari dal (dal curry), acar nenas (pineapple piccalilli) and watermelons. Wowww.....(this was come from my stomach)! Againnnn...I took all of it..aiyoo....and again burpppp..... This is more like taking a vendetta against my diet because at home i rarely cook beef and chicken, statistic - once/6 months (part of my diet but we did buy KFC, McD, Kenny Rogers as we feel we want it huhuhuhuhu) At night, I said to Muazzam 'kita makan ringan-ringan aje la malam ni ok, dah dua hari berturut-turut la kita makan heavy food' (we eat something light tonite ok, we have already taken heavy food for two days). So i have prepared;

1) Tempura Fish Cocktails and
2) Tempura Seafood combo with
3) Chilli Sauce

I simply don't have recipe for these two muahhahahahahahah....It's frozen in the fridge from THE STORE. After we have finished our dinner buttttttttt i was feeling not enough, later i took some famous amos brownies and cookies (O my god!). Hancusss!


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