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Once Upon A Time In China

Zhuhai. Located in China near by Macau and Hong Kong. My flight landed in Hong Kong International Airport after six hours journey from KLIA. Actually a story about China, it's like an ancient story, but suddenly i just remembered the sweet times when i was there. Al maklum la kali pertama pergi overseas (My first time travelling to overseas). When i reached at Hong Kong, the weather was cold, i think it was around 5 degree celcius.
Muazzam said he's not gonna be in Hong Kong waiting for me because i've got accompanied by a companymate. But he lied, he was there and grinned! Surprise la kononnnn....but i wasn't shocked anyway! From Hong Kong to Zhuhai, we took a ferry. 45 minutes later we reached Zhuhai.
For me Zhuhai is a nice town except for the food. Halal food is hardly found there. I prefer to cook by myself. I don't know why i feel so diligently to cook when i was there. I thought maybe that time i got nothing to do (i was one month on unpaid leave) and some more i loved their wet market so much, fishes, prawns, squids, they were all fresh and 'alive'. I still remember until now, how the squids and prawns were crawling in the sink. One more thing, the fruits there were so fresh and 'beautiful'! I ate strawberries almost everyday! Strawberry there was so cheap. We can get a kilo for only RM5.00. Damn...Ohhhh i miss that strawberry so much! Along the way to wet market, we can see snakes, rats, cats and etc. in the cage. They sell it. I didn't expect there was a demand in there! After what i have seen, I have decided not to go to the wet market anymore. There was simply no reason for that! ha ha ha
I am bluffing if i say i don't shopping. There was an underground shopping centre called Gong Bei Port. It was so big and fantastic and bombastic. Here we can find Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Louis Vuitton bountifully. Don't get jealous, I bought my Louis Vuitton handbag for only RM20.00, but of course it was a fake one lorr..! I don't think i can have the ori one for the rest of my life, so the conclusion is i love the fake one than the ori one...muahahahahahaha

Shenzen and Guangzhou. I went both places. Shenzen is a big city and Guangzhu too. I will share my moments in Shenzen and Guangzhou with you, maybe some other time. That time i wish i could meet Jet Li you know...., but last night he was in my dream saying that he will be my Bodyguard From Beijing!


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