The Concoction Of Our Life

I believe our life is like how you concoct several colors inside one cup. The result will reflect when you daub the concoction on the canvas, imagine the canvas is your life. No matter what the result is, you should accept it because you are the 'concocter'. If you don't like with the result, you may want to do another concoction and daub it over the new canvas. You can do it over and over and over again until you meet with the word - satisfaction.

There's something flicks my mind when i was doing my 'masterpiece' (wow! See attached. It looks like my masterpiece is not photogenic, ha ha ha ha). I think about my previous time when i was in my position as a secretary. At that time i was not expected that i would be in that position, but that we call REZEKI (good fortune). But i wonder why, some people cannot accept other people's good fortune. I was happy, but some people.......umphh...they were not happy for me. I lost my friends which that time was good to me.... just because of my 'rezeki'. 8 months after i enjoyed being in that position, i was decided to end my 'career'. But after what i have been thru, that was not a triggered factor why i choose to release something which i love the most. Is just that i want to do a new concoction of my life, to change the colors, to find a new canvas and to get the best result!

The concoction of our life is never ever linked to somebody else. Is you who concoct the colors, is you who decide what colors to mix, and the most important.... is you who daub it on your own canvas. So if we don't get a good result, would you think is right to put the blame on others? If we don't get what we want, whereas other people deserved it than you, would you question thousand times why she/he got it?

Well...let's learn on how to concoct the colors properly......and toast to good things!


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