Me In The Middle

My mom used to say "Anak tengah ni, pandai bawak diri, dia buat hal dia je" (Middle kid knows how to carry themselves). That is true. Being in the middle in the family is quite interesting, don't you think so? I have 5 siblings, and i am in the middle!

Ros my eldest sister, my brother Nawar, ME In The Middle, my brother Can and the youngest, Sue.

All married.

I have once asked my mom, how am i when i was a little kid? She said, "Anak-anak aku semuanya baik-baik masa kecik" (My kids are really good while they were kids). Then i asked back, "Bila besar tak baik ke mak?" (Are we not good now?). And then she answered "Takde la, dah besar lagi baikkkkkkk..." (Nay, all of you are really goodddddd now). That time i confused, because she was pressing down the word GOOD! ha ha ha ha....what does it means anyway?

As my mom recalls, when i was 6, she said i got 5 stitches on my chin. I was fallen down from the slide. And then when i was 9, i got 4 stiches on my forehead, because i was eagerly to be a wrestling star, so i was wrestled with one of the boy from the neighbourhood. When i was 11, i have pedalled the bicycle straight into the big drain! One more, my mom said, i loved to collect 'rubbish' and bring it to home, example; un-ink pen, broken vase, empty boxes, bottles. My mom will definitely throw it away and after that i will collect it back!! I'm not remember at all, but i still remember a bit about the bleeding forehead and how i was bounced into the big drain. Am i similar with Malcolm In The Middle?? Maybe a bit huh?!

Some say, middle daughter/son, has the ability to run their life independently. They just do what they think right to do, they don't care much what people talk about them, they are sensitive and they are simple! At 'positive' site, some people say that middle kids are very demanding!

Only ME can tell....and don't forget to add THEY ARE KIND AND SOFT HEARTED......muahhahahahahahahahahahaha


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