World Cup 2006

World Cup datang lagi.... Muazzam has forwarded me a world cup rules and regulations to obey (i don't think the rules are from FIFA). Muazzam memang soccer addict! When we were watching Germany vs Costa Rica last Friday, as usual, i have flooded him with so many questions. The questions were something like;

You sokong mana? (Which team are you?)
Kenapa Ballack tak main? (Ballack don't play?)
Referee tu orang mana? (The referee, where is he comes from?)
Apa nama coach Germany tu? I lupa la... (The Germany coach, what's his name? I forgot..)

Apa nama mamat tu? Hensemnya... (Who is that? What's his name? So handsome...)

It was so delightful when all my questions were answered. Since that all the questions were answered, i was eagerly to know 'every single thing' about the game. Then i asked him again,

You agak-agak bola tu berapa harga dia? (You guess... how much is it...the ball?)

And then he answered it with a very nice tone very soft....

You boleh tak diam, tengok je, nanti ada la kena plaster mulut tu....(Can you keep quiet, just watch the game, if not i will plaster your mouth...)

And i was like ... la la la la la la la la la la la la..... Go Brazil, Go Spain, Go Italy!!


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