Miss Congeniality

Last time, when Monday comes...I feel like urgghhhhhh....un-exuberantly to start my day whenever i think about my unfinished work at the office (it was not happened every monday, all the times arr...sometimes only arr...) Sunday nite, Kak Eila or Putri called me or the other around, we were definitely talking the same topic like;

'Oi..sedihnya esok kerja, kalau ahad malam mesti aku rasa sedih je, apsal ek?' (Hey... we work tomorrow...so sad, every sunday nite i must feel like so sad, why?)

Suddenly i was thinking about Miss Congeniality, you know.. the movie. I love this movie so much especially the soundtrack - ONE IN A MILLION. This is an excellent comedy which kept me laughing all the way. It was a thoroughly entertaining movie and very well worth seeing. I feel like watching it again. When you look at the both pictures above, which one is suppose to be crowned as Miss Congeniality, me or Sandra Bullock??? <<<< Muahahahahahahahahha...The correct perfect answer will receive - a trip for the whole family to Paris, cash money usd10,000, a Sony Digicam and a flat screen tv 29". Just close your eyes for the moment of truth...because all the prizes are only in your dreamsssss....let's keep dreaming onnnnnnnnnn....yuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...


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