How Could An Angel Break My Heart

Feel like not talking today..... i turned on the radio, suddenly i heard this song by Toni Braxton.... and then i turned off the radio when the song completed. I was feeling so bad yesterday. When i was in the mom called me, she complaints why RTM did not show the game between Brazil and Ghana last nite. And then i said, "Mak call la RTM, tanya diaorang?" (Mom, why don't you call RTM, and ask them?). My mom laughed and so did i. We have chat in about half an hour. Talking about world cup. My mom is England die hard fan. I always argue with her, what is so good about England? And then she will ask me back, what are so good about Brazil, Spain and Italy? Hahahahahahahaha...

Hey! Did i say 'feel like not talking today'? Fortunately, i have my mom...she has spiced up my day!


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