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When I say sorry, It doesn't mean I totally wrong!

I really miss my blog dowh. Ever since Eijaz Luqman been added into my life, everything that I take 'double dosage' before, becomes 'triple'. Everything is triple now! Thank You ALLAH for making this fun for me to treasure life. Ok, I want to write something that I thought it was worth sharing to the audience, well can I say this..mmm audience? Worth sharing? LOL

By the way, Eijaz is 1 year today. Happy birthday darling!

Where do I begin? You know what, sometimes I did what I thought was best...thought huh?! But normally it always turned out to something terrifically titanic, bombastic, gigantic and lastly bullshit..ooppsss mind my language. Ok, ok.. here we go;
There's nothing I can really say... but sorry. But I would like to repeat, when I say sorry, it doesn't mean I totally wrong here, helllooooo!! I say sorry because I chose to say it. You know something, the word "sorry" is not a sword that can kill my pride and dignity. Whereas, it is like a rocket that can take me up to the top!
I admit it is so hard to deal with somebody with bloated egos. They think what they do, always right and what we do, always not right to their vermillion ego eyes! Please, ego can't take you to a place called "heaven". Sooner or later, one day you will sprawl on the ground full of shit. And too bad it is your own shit not mine.
After what happened, starting from today onwards, I think I will give my "good" (can say this? Ok la ek) to someone who is more deserving, someone who is know how to appreciate people. I don't talk about I want something in return to what I have done to people here. Do not misunderstanding. I am talking about being grateful when ALLAH sent you someone who is willing to serve you best. That's it.
Some people say, forget the past. But I say, remember the past, remember all the good things people did to you and pray to ALLAH, so let Him repay all the kindness to the person who have done a lot of good things to you. Only ALLAH can do that, we can't, we can't afford it. So I concluded, there are 2 types of past, one is good and one is .. of course bad things. Forget the past, the bad things that always font 60, red color, permanent ink written on your wall of life! Slash it, erase, you do everything you could to make it dissappear. And the good things, always remember it. Make a list and if you could, patch it on your forehead. So everytime when you see yourself in the mirror, you will see it. You will remember!
Someone told me Nobody Is Perfect (NIP), I know it and I knew it a very long time ago. Yang perfect itu hanyalah ALLAH swt. But please don't simply use these 3 words just to do whatever you want to do. NIP is not a first class ticket for you to make mistakes. NIP also is not a perfect reason for you to take for granted on others kindness. 
Ok, rambling thing stops here. Semoga ALLAH swt mengampunkan segala dosa aku dan sekelian muslimin dan muslimat, Amin. 


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