What is behind FORGIVENESS?

I remember the song by the group One Republic, one of my fav band - Apologize. I love the melody of the song and of course when he said "now is too late to apologize..it's too late"... but when it comes to the song by Metallica - Unforgiven, it would be something different, very different. The same different is only at the situation.

Well it is just a song, when it happens in real life, it becomes other thing that we should think of (twice or thrice). To forgive people, especially when they do something that hurt you is so damn easy to do it. But when it comes to forget the horrible thing they did to you is damn uneasy thing to do it. To forget it, it needs sincerity...from the heart of course. No one knows except ALLAH.

Sometimes there's type of person when they did something bad to other people, they intend to forget it and hoping that we ignore the bad thing they did to us. How could they can behave naturally so easy like that? And tomorrow they expect we can smile and talk to them as usual. I met this group and i 'adore' how they can be like 'innocent' after what they did. Never want to say 'i am sorry for what happened, i didn't mean to  hurt you' (walaupun dalam hati sebenarnya memang sengaja nak menyakitkan hati orang atau sengaja nak tunjuk tererrrrrr) but at least say something tho!

When someone that you know do something wrong to someone else, totally wrong...please say it wrong, don't back up or please them! If you keep on doing this to him/her, he/she will never learn from the mistake. Back up thing happens if there is someone needs it when he/she being accused for something that he/she doesn't do it. Kita sebagai orang yang menyaksi kejadian, jangan bertindak di pihak yg neutral. Yang salah tetap salah dan cuba perbetulkan yang salah itu! That is how it works kan...

Seriously, i feel so boring when i see someone that i know suddenly they become 'an arrogant person'. Don't they know that one day we will be heading to the same 'place'? Don't they know that one day we will be wearing the same cloth, white cloth? ALLAH Pencipta kita pun tak sombong dengan hambaNya, Dia bagi apa yang kita doakan, hajatkan. Bila segala-galanya yang ada pada kita adalah milik ALLAH sebenarnya, so siapa kita nak sombong? Di depan ALLAH, kita semua sama, takde beza sikit pun. No matter who you are, what you are...an office boy, a clerk, a maid, a manager, engineer, lawyer...because one day when the time comes, we are all equal in front of HIM. Adoi, kenapa nak sombong? Serious aku bosan!

What is behind the word forgiveness..? When we forgive but we hardly forget! It is never too late to apologize if we speed the process of forgiveness actually. As human being, we just forgive others who-ever had made something bad to us. I know, to forget the whole thing totally, it is something that needs time. Even the scar needs time to heal and it is always a problem when the scar becomes permanent on your skin. It looks bad on you everytime you see it, and that is how it feels when someone hurt you...badly! May ALLAH forgive me for what i feel...it's been years now but still i can't forget the whole things.

Please don't blame me or others who have the same feeling, because i know one thing...that i am not a perfect person and there's a lot of things that need to be learned. I can't behave naturally when something abnormal happens to me and it needs time for me to tune back as normal, please understand the emotion and the situation.

Are those words a good start for year 2013? I just laugh and simply don't have answer for this simple question.


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