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:: If you dare, everything is possible! ::

I believe something that takes a lot of energy, both physically and mentally can churn out something remarkable, it is like you are crawling the stairs at first to reach the top but later on you find it, is just like an escalator to a success actually. Pray, make effort, and wa tawakkulan alaih (dan bertawakal denganNya). And not to forget, do it sincerely, InshaALLAH, there is must be something better awaits you later!

Last two years, i was a bit stress on how to do toilet train for my son. He and diapers just like the wave and the beach, cannot be apart at all! Some people said, it would be easy to start toilet train when your kids start talking (but the problem is, Zafran, that time he doesn't know yet how to talk back to me when i talk to him and some more he is lisp). So, i waited until he is 3 years old and still, he doesn't talk in proper sentence and most of the time he sounds like a little 'hitler' standing in front of people giving speech! I tried not to put on him diapers one day, then he cried like a child that being abused by the irresponsible parents jek. Sedih tengok dia macam tu, then Muazzam said "Maybe he's not yet ready la, just put on the diapers back, one day when he's ready, he knows what to do"

Ok! At least i feel so relieved when I got full support from Muazzam!

16 July 2011 the date when Zafran turns 4. I begin to ask myself everyday, "Ya ALLAH, bila aku nak start toilet train Zafran ni?" plus questions from the third party, "still on diapers?" (o my!) I know the reaction from others when i said 'Yes'. But nevermind, i am used to the situation which required me to hold patience till my last breath! (phewww...kelas kauu!)

So, i just wait and see and in the meantime i started to google in the internet how to commence this. And still i don't have the courage to start it, or would that be one word made of iron that hanging on my head iaitu MALAS!

October comes with the same big question on my head "bila nak start ni?". So one day i started to think, no matter what, i have to start this, because who else will start it for me? No one! So, I talked to Zafran why he needs to take off diapers and stop wearing it (i know he doesn't want to know about it and he doesn't care much what i am saying! the way he looks at me and thinks - mama aku ni merapu apa la agaknya?). I keep on telling him and the feedback i get from him is always 'no, no, no'. One morning, i just forget the whole negative things, i bathed him and get him dressed without diapers, then he cried very very very loud. Mengamuk! Sayang betul dia dekat lampin pakai buang!

Finally after 4 months toilet trained, bingo! Alhamdulillah, he now can tell me when to pee and to poop! Thank you ALLAH. I still remember during the process, i can't stop my mouth from saying this "zafran, do you want to pee or not? Don't pee your pants ok..." and it keeps on repeating from morning till night, 3 weeks babe, everyday babe! Accidents did happen, 5 times - on the floor 3 times, on bed 1 and on the couch 1. I maybe so tired during the time but it paid off! I am proud of myself and proud of Zafran too. It is not easy to change Zafran's mindset but i made it. I remember what ALLAH said in Holy Al-Quran and it is true - "And that man hath only that for which he maketh effort, And that his effort will be seen" Surah An-Najm, 39.

Mission impossible-toilet train-completed! (there is no mission impossible, but there is.. when the word 'impossible' conquers you all!)

"It is possible to get there, if you dare!"


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