:: My Litte Caliph Goes To School! ::

How time flies, today Zafran first day as a preschooler. Alhamdulillah. I woke up at 6am and ran to the kitchen to make fried rice - one of Zafran fav. With flowers in my heart and smile on my face, and my head non stop thinking of a lot of things about Zafran first day to school! But there is one big question chiselled boldly in my head  - "how would it be in school later?!" Ya ALLAH, make it easy for us and also for Zafran and all the teachers, amin.

At 7am, my husband, tried to bathe him, then there go a 'heavydrama' scene, scene after scene and scene after scene. To make it short, see below for the chronology of the event:

Mandi - nangis
Pakai underwear - nangis
Pakai uniform - nangis
Suruh breakfast - nangis

and to make it simple and short, semuanya bermula dengan huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........!! Then i have created one blog special for Zafran. When you grow up, i want you to read it page by page ok dear! This is one of the best experience that mama and ayah have been through since ALLAH gives you to us.

This is the blog:


Enjoy reading!


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