:: On The Table ::

Last saturday I went to Solaris Dutamas with my in laws, first time went there. Like entering the door to another planet jek! MashaALLAH...cantik area tu. Dahhh...mula la aku buat jakun di situ!

I went there to celebrate my mother in law's birthday which falls on 28 December. Happy birthday mama! I love you.

Thank you Doctor Naught for paying the bill! May ALLAH shower you with many blessings and a non stop rezeki and nikmat, amin.

On The Table - the name of the place we were having the celebration. The restaurant belongs to Chef Wan's son, Chef Riz who is currently one of the judges for MasterChef Malaysia reality program aired on astro. (Am i doing a promotion for on behalf or what? hehehe). It is located at the building called Publika. Tapi char kuey teow dia sedap sangat! Dalam banyak2 menu, char kuey teow jugak yang aku order! Goreng sendiri boleh?

Muazzam had a Silver Cod served with couscous, one of the healthiest grain-based products. Sedap jugak, rasa macam cheese. But i voted for my char kuey teow jugak, sedap tau! Tak habis-habis dengan kuey teow aku hahahaaha. My sister in laws had Lamb on the rack (i didn't remember the correct name!) and Spaghetti Bolognese. I ordered a big chicken burger for Zafran and Lydia, very big i tell you. Tapi ada ke diaorang tak nak makan? Ish ish ish... Then my sis in law's maid (Epi), she had a special fried rice, served with chicken curry, sambal belacan and some fish crackers. It looks tasty but i still want to mention my delicious char kuey teow jugak hahaahaha! Suddenly Zafran pointing at the crackers "mama nak kupum" Kupum is that fish crackers, kelakar tak? Mana la datangnya kupum tu Zafran oii!! Mama order burger sedap dekat Zafran, kupum jugak yang Zafran nak... then i asked for permission from the maid to take one piece of the kupum. She said ok. And then suddenly Lydia also pointing at the kupum, "mama, nak nak" Tebal jugak muka aku nak mintak dekat maid adik ipar aku tu. Lepas tu Zafran pulak nak lagi, then Lydia pulak nak lagi... kesian aku tengok muka Epi, i knew that she likes that crackers very much too, i can see it!

I called the waiter for the sake of Zafran and Lydia, "can i have the crackers that you served with the fried rice just now, my kids really loves it". The waiter came with a bowl of that kupum, then Epi nak jugak kupum tu, almaklum kupum dia habis anak-anak aku kerjakan hahahaaha, kesian Epi. Then habis jugak satu mangkuk tu, then aku kena buat muka kupum mintak lagi dekat waiter tu! Anyway good service, all the staff..they are so friendly. I give 4 star out of 5!

Ok, got to go! Tata..


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