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:: Anecdote about Know-all & Know-how ::

I make no claim to be a paragon. But I can't sit my butt peacefully if i see somebody is trying to show the world that they are so important and knowledgeable, and treat like other people useless and stupid. I can't stand to see somebody is trying to prove the world that they are so good, and treat like other people don't, i use the perfect word - bad!

I make no claim to be a paragon. But I can't sit over the rocking chair singing 'someone like you by adele, pretending that i don't see or hear anything and yet when i log in to my social web there are group of people grouching about how much they concern about other people problems, whereas they don't realize they actually have problems!

I make no claim to be a paragon. But i can't stand to witness those 'know-all' and know-how group' are faking themselves, which the status written on the square white screen and the small piece of heart are not parallel to each other. To make it comprehensible, they write because of one's attention, they are not really on the genuine motives. They write and they like about what they write and hoping there is somebody to like and comment and share. They write because they think what they write is good to human whereas they consider what other people write is not good and they become paranoid what other people write because 'this' other people don't write like they write. I give example down (to earth) here:

1. When other people wrote : "Today i managed to complete my tasks list which one of them is to watch my favourite twillight sequel - Breaking Dawn, guess what, I did it!! Yes! Yes!! Best sangat movie tu! I love Bella's wedding dress, could that be the dress by Monique Lhullier?"

2. and Know-all and Know-how wrote : "Today i managed to complete recitation of Surah Al-Baqarah, alhamdulillah. A lot of things i learned from the tafsiran of the Surah. Best sangat! Jom la kita sama-sama membaca kalamullah. Apalah sangat menghafal jalan cerita twillight tu, baik pegi berzikir/mengaji. Breaking dawn takkan dapat membantu kita di akhirat kelak"

See the diff up there. Enough said. What they write is good but through my 'rolling' eyes right now, can i say this - Can you stop always being so judgemental towards other people? Do you think you good enough when you write something good like that? Who knows? Maybe the tasks list belongs to other people could be 9 out of 10, they had put their head on the ground for ALLAH? And left another 1 for Breaking Dawn where they watched it, could be with their husbands, parents, siblings and relatives?!

I have a simple question - What is sincere? Sincere - when you do something good, you hide it from others, hoping that ALLAH will see, accept and bless it. It's totally between you and ALLAH. We do something good only for ALLAH to judge it not human. Itulah ikhlas. I accept all good things done by the human and believe all good things that sincerely done, pasti ada ganjarannya dari ALLAH. We don't know this, only ALLAH knows everything. Respect other people the way of living, if you want others to respect yours. Tegur dengan cara yang paling baik, paling berhemah bukan dengan sindiran/perlian(ada ke word perlian dlm kamus?). Don't treat other people like they don't want to go to Jannah, like they don't know to differentiate what is good or what is bad for living, like they don't know how to feel grateful and lastly don't feel like you are 'know-all and know-how' type of person only after you have read thousand of ilmiah books. If your admonition caused a major pain to other people, it means - you have to look at yourself instead of saying "i have done my part, it is up to you to accept it or not".

Hati manusia yang telah kau sakitkan itu memerlukan masa untuk pulih dan ianya tidak cukup untuk memulihkannya hanya dengan berkata 'maaf'. Oleh itu berpada-padalah dalam membuat teguran sesama manusia tidak kira apa niat kamu sekalipun. Pernahkah kamu terfikir, mungkin orang yang kamu tegur itu mempunyai seratus kebaikan yang ada pada dirinya tapi tidak ada pada dirimu? Pernahkah kamu terfikir, mungkin kamu tidak pernah nampak dia bersolat dhuha tapi pada malam harinya dia sentiasa bertahajjud, berzikrullah dan hatinya tidak pernah lari dari memikirkan mati dan takutkan ALLAH?

O ALLAH, are they right or my feeling about this is not right? If my feeling about this is not right, is sinful, please vanish it, amin.

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I make no claim to be a paragon. But I too want to go to Jannatul Na'iim, in fact i wanna go the highest Jannah - Jannatul Firdaus but because i make no claim to be a paragon, i know i am not qualified to be one of the member. I pray to ALLAH, i really wanna go to your Jannah, make it the last in the list of Jannah - Darul Khuldi, it is enough for me but i know it is all only in my pray and request because i know i am not even deserved Your Darul Khuldi. O ALLAH, only You know where is my right place there but please i am so frightened of Your Jahannam, Jahiim, Hawiyah, Wail, Sa'iir, Ladhaa, Sakar and Hutomah. Amin.


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