:: Love isn't called Love... ::

Love isn't called a love until you feel the pain and you cry over it sometimes/not always. Love isn't called a love until you feel the hurt and you weep over it sometimes/not everyday. Love isn't called a love until you give it away to someone that you think deserve your love.

Love is a big word and the definition of love could be different if you ask 10 persons, they won't give you the same meaning on what love is. So, love is something subjective but I believe it is always an attractive subject!

Love is uneasy thing but it becomes so so easy to say it like - 'Hey, i love you' - 'i am in love with you' - 'because i love you', and yet that excludes a sonnet, a poem, a song about love for him/her, plus love letters, MashaALLAH...hebatnya cinta ni ek! SubhanALLAH, hebatnya perasaan ini, satu perasaan yang maha hebat yang diberikan kepada kita oleh DIA. It is just a '3 word' but it means a lot to him and to her and it automatically changes someone's life into heaven. And love is a bitter thing when there is love-less!

Love is a pure thing, and it becomes a noble thing for a noble person who knows how to love each other in the right rules. Love is a heavenly thing that is given by Him. So the main point here, ALLAH gives you love, you accept, appreciate and respect it. Fall in love - it is a human natural tendency and i have been in that place before and it was fantastic. And now i still feel the love, the same love that i first felt it when i saw him. Alhamdulillah...

So, finally there is a contest here, how many 'love' word up here? The first person guess the right answer will stand a chance to win a ----- (fill in the blank yourself, name it, anything you want but you have to buy it yourself!) Lawak tak?

O ALLAH, I love you!


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