:: It Was Never A Dull Moment ::

Wedding anniversary is a time where we look back at the good times for the past years and we then always look ahead for the beautiful dreams together to live in. Under that, it is also a celebration for the love and trust and  of course not forgetting the partnership. Those are great basic foundation for a relationship. Goshhh... why am i telling the definition on this, i think everyone out there knows what this all about. Anyway let's forget it. I tell you what... I was just celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary, Alhamdulillah.. and I must thank you ALLAH for the good times (and also the bad) that we have been through together. Without Him we won't be this far gone. I remember some people said about we can't buy love... it is true. But sometimes, it depends on some cases, we can buy love but we can't buy happiness. We can't never ever buy happiness because it is a gift from ALLAH. Being acceptance is the only key to happiness that lasts forever.

......and actually by wishing 'happy anniversary' it doesn't seem enough to say. It is beyond that. I couldn't find the best words to describe how grateful I am to be able to feel love that I am feeling right now. So below, it is a poem that I made for him to express some what I feel along the way together.

It was never a dull moment
When i sick, you take care of me

It was never a dull moment
When i smile, you smile back to me

It was never a dull moment
When i cook, you eat although i know sometimes my cook is tasteless

It was never a dull moment
When i feel sad, you cheer me up

It was never a dull moment
When i am happy, you are the reason why i am happy (do you know that?)

It was never a dull moment
Even though sometimes we fought (It is normal, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit)
Knowing that at the end of it all, we are always gonna live under the same cloud

Again i repeat, .... It was never a dull moment
and i thank you ALLAH for giving me this 'never a dull moment' in my life!

Happy anniversary babe, love you always...Lillahi ta'ala...


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