-::- It was 365 days past... -::-

.... and i step into 2010, and still i have 365 more days to treasure. Thank you Allah. Time really moves so fast. I started to feel the same feeling that i have had before - my age is getting lesser! Oooooo....

When i look in the mirror, my eyes are rolling for any fine lines/wrinkles or freckles, you know...common signs for ageing. Mmmm... ada la sikit. Yes... I am getting older and older and olderrrr...! But i don't care much about this, because everyone in the world will face this phase of life including Aishwarya Rai one of the most beautiful women on earth. Hahahaha tak senonoh betul ada ke compare dengan Miss World! Suka hati lah!!

New year resolution? Thinking it was something common that people will ask. Do i have one? Never thought i have one before except - always want to be a better person than yesterday, should have changed this to - year. Actually i have just set one resolution for the new year >> is... to .. to.. to (why am i stuttering?) to... to .. reduce the fine lines, freckles or any ageing signs to make myself comfortable of myself. But how?

Thinking of Botox... (woopsss...just kidding) actually i was enthralled by this Shu Uemura pytho cream..what a name! I heard they are good for fine lines on lips and eye area. Whatever! Maybe i should grab one later. Or maybe i should browse more for something else to ge the best choice. I don't wanna be like another futile stuff that i had in my drawer at home. What a waste!

2009 actually another stellar year for me and family. One of those, of course I got Lydia. She is 6 months old now. She's now always smiling, laughing, shouting andddd ... cryyyy-ing. Her voice is so soft and sweet. I love you my little pumpkin! And i hope for 2010, my life will be blessed by ALLAH each second, Amin.

Zafran? He is learning to talk and trying to understand every single word i say. This is another very insteresting part in children development. I still remember one day when i tried to teach him simple things. When i said Meja (table), he said - Duga. When i said Kerusi (chair), he said - Dugu. Air (water), he said - Tati. Burung (bird), he said - Kaka (Kaka soccer player tu ke Zafrannn..?) It was really funny. And one day, out of nowhere, he went to the bathroom, said - Mandi. Finally he got it right. Good boy, love you darling!
Back to the resolution things, (i feel incredulously myself that i have this kinda...!) what should i call this kinda resolution? Some kind of nonchalance, i guess. Better don't have one, much better! I remember Muazzam used to say 'you cannot get rid of something ... fact! No one can run from getting old. That was certainly true, i conceded. No matter how much phyto cream you put on face, botox, collagen and whatsoever, the fact is no one can escape from old age. Sigh...i already imagined an old lady with her broom mumbling alone... hehehe

Unblinking stare at my laptop screen, goshh i know i have no idea what to write at this moment. My fingers started to press down the keyboard quickly to find the best anti ageing cream infos for (what a stupid resolution i have this year!!). Ok, the gibberish thing has to stop now before they are getting bad.

... and i understand deeply a tranquil smile from Zafran, it means - time to stop rambling mommy!


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