:: Just Because.... ::

Just because someone is repenting for his/her mistake, it doesn't change the past
Just because someone is weeping on his/her wrongdoing, it doesn't change the past
Just because someone is asking for an apology, still... it doesn't change the past

Yes... it doesn't change the past at all. It is like it's being fine tuned in the mind, buried in the heart. A gigantic pain in the soul, an inexplicably poignant feeling inside. It's all about the past that changed some people's life. Actually the past, something i would say it is uneconomic matters that we must drop it out from the budget breakdown. But it is uneasy like sipping a cup of delicious coffee from Coffee Bean though! In fact, i sometimes feel, it's getting worse when it started dwells inside you.

I was trapped in this situation before, but i managed to get away of it 95%. And turned out, it wasn't easy to totally kill the past. At first, I found that it was extremely challenging and second why bother, though? why bother to get your head spinning around just to think of the past? I didn't know... it was just came to me everytime when i try to vanish it. From thereon, i learned that - do not mess with someone especially when it involves with emotion. Because when someone gets hurt, it will change someone's life completely. After what happened, it won't bring back the happiness in total, like it used to be. It is sad, huh?!

In the past almost dozen years, i witnessed some people just in tend to so easy hurting and blaming other people for something that small matters. I don't know why is this happened? I am not saying that i am an angel who doesn't have sins at all but i try to be a better person. I don't know why is that some people who doesn't know how to play guitar at all, then they just play it and they seem ignoring people around them who couldn't bear the twanging anymore. And they keep on playing... ? It is pitiful, huh?!

I am not nagging type person, play discreet it doesn't mean i agree. Answering back to all the words that being blown to me is also not my type. Giving in...? Yes, i am this type. Giving in for something that i believe will take me to another step close to heaven. And still it doesn't mean that i am the loser. Giving in for someone we love so much, it is big sacrifice and again i believe we have nothing to lose by doing this. No point arguing..., the bickering thing has to stop! To stop everything, we have to give in.

Just because to see the happiness keep on showering in our life, FORGET the past!

... forgive them, and forget everything the bad things they did to you. Although it is unforgettable, it is difficult, that's the test. Do more good things in your life, let your past full with good deeds. So it won't haunt you back in the future.


SimplyMe said…
kalo jerawat pun tinggalkan parut kan. kalo nak hilangkan kenala pulak berabis kat treatment yg canggih manggih laser bagai. tak kuasa den.
tp yalar, thats life.
susah nak forgive and forego... :)
lesson learn memang banyak tp practicallity is not that easy maaaa.
and to continue living with all those scars...its tough dude.
for those at the receiving end...adakalanya tak larat dah nak ketawa sakan sedangkan hati masih berkaca. untuk apa...
tp boley la jugak untuk kurangkan kedut-kedut kat muka nie.

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