:: La tahzan... ::

Zalina ~ La tahzan... My condolences to you and the rest of the family. I know how you feel at this moment. I feel it. I feel it before and until now it is still.

I burst into tears when i got message from a bosom friend of mine SPL, texting that Zalina's father passed away last Tuesday, it was mid night. I was so emotional, I sat on the couch silently and that time my parents face that first came to mind. How i miss them so much, no one can tell.

Zalina ~ I still taste the pain. I know you taste it too. You have once told me about the intimacy between children and their parents. And i remember i blogged about it. It was in 2005 if i am not mistaken. Because of your words, i changed my perception about the relationship between the parents and the daughter. I didn't feel ashame to hug, to kiss, to hold them... and I remember a week before my father passed away, he came to me and asked me to hold his hands. And i hold it, rubbed it... i should have done it long time ago for many times, every second, every day...i whispered to myself that time. Turned out it was the last time i was able to hold his hands.
Zalina ~ Again, La tahzan, don't be sad... ingat ALLAH each second of our life because we belong to Him. If He wanted something to happen, then it happens. Kita sebagai hambaNya kena redha.
Al Fatihah untuk arwah Abah, Mak and Ayah Ngah.


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