:: Spice, Orange and Vanilla ::

I am so excited because Zafran is going to be 1 year old next month. Alhamdulillah…thank you ALLAH for giving me a chance to take care of this precious 'gift'. He is now standing against the couch, holding onto furniture and sometimes he’s tottering. Actually he has mastered standing solo, sometimes he’s stooping and looks like he’s slowly leaving his babyhood behind. He’s not yet walking well, I think he’s trying to gain confidence and balance. He also knows how to bounce himself whenever he is on the bed. It’s really kinda miracle experience when I have to watch by myself, the steps, the movements.. how it develops...wow...

At this point, he is also speaking a foreign language. I love when he said ‘ahbuhji’ (father),’buweyo’ (what?!),’bwah’(why?! i guess) repeatedly…didn’t he speak Korean?? Since that he is at receptive stage, I try to teach him how to say ‘uhmuhni’ (mother). Baru la fair and square kan! Muazzam said Zafran speaks Korean because there is 'somebody' at home 'psyhco' with Korean Drama. I know who is that 'somebody'!
Life is so much happiness when I hear his voice reverberates in my house. Andddd...life is so much 'happiness' when he started to rummage everything in front of him without hesitant. I am very fascinated, indeed (ikhlas aku cakap!)

When i see Zafran, all my some unhappiness past turned off, the time when i was feeling frazzled, suddenly i become so energetic, so fresh when he smiles at me. He really spices up my day, colors my life with orange and splashes my world with vanilla scent! What a perfect mixture i have!


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