Tay And The Chocolate Factory

Hakim, boy, 10 - Nissa, girl, 9 - Sarah, girl, 4 - Qayyum, boy, 3 - Shasha, girl, 3 - Afiq, boy, 3 - Faliq, boy, 4 - Leah, girl, 8 months, Kamelia, girl, 3 and Farhan, boy, 1.

Mmm...they are all my nephews and nieces. They are like my own kids. Me? Don't ask. I am still waiting for the miracle to come into my life. Maybe one day... it will come, only GOD knows. Like the song by Celine Dion; i was waiting for so long, for a miracle to come. Everyone told me to be strong, hold on and don't shed a tear...uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

Back to my 'kids'. They drive me crazy all the times, they are with different characters. Recently i have to babysit Hakim, Nissa, Sarah and Qayyum for 4 days. Hakim and Nissa did not worry me so much because they are big kids. Sarah and Qayyum? Yes, they did. Second day babysitting, i have heard Sarah has whispered to Nissa, i was on the couch pressing the clothes that time. Actually i was enraged with her personal pronouns that she has used. Normally she uses 'kita'.... and this time was different. Here we go, the whisper;

Sarah: Kak Nissa nak pergi sekolah dah ke? (Nissa, do you want to go to school already?)
Nissa: Ha'ah (Yes)
Sarah: Ada masa tak? (Do you have time for me?)
Nissa: Kenapa? (Why?)
Sarah: Temankan aku pergi kedai sekejap, beli coklat. Aku dah lama tak makan coklat! Tapi aku takde duit! (Accompany me to the shop, i want to buy chocolates, i did not eat chocolates for so long! But i don't have money!)

I was grinned away when she finished her last sentence. Kelako betul la budak-budak ni!

The story about the 'chocolates' are never gonna end. I will talk more about it thru my next chapter.


Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha ha ha it was so funny!
Tay Fazilah said…
I have spent my weekend in my mom in law's house at Sungai Buloh, Selangor. I did not expect that i met Sarah in KLCC. My sister also went back to her mom in law for the school holidays.

Sarah was so naughty. She just ran here and there at the children department in parkson grand. And then i heard she was talking to herself as her hands touching the clothes;

"baju ni cantik, padan dengan kita"
(This cloth is nice, suit me)
"baju ni tak cantik la, kita tak suka"
(This one is not nice, i don't like it)
"baju ni warna dia tak cantik la, kita tak suka"
(The color is not nice, i don't like it

My sister just shake her head repeatedly and then said;

"Tengok anak aku tu, lari sana, lari sini, geram aku la"
(Look at Sarah, run here, run there, i am so exasperate with her

And then i replied;

"Budak-budak camtu la, biarkan aje, yg paling penting kita monitor la dia"
(Kids are like that, let it be,the most important is we've got to monitor them)

Maybe is easy for me to say because i'm not yet a mother huh?! After that i bought Sarah an Esprit shirt, . Since she likes pink so much, she has chosen the pink color.

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