You jump, I don't jump


I open my arm for any comments but please don't give me harsh critism, because it's like when you got dumped by your loved one, love hurts... that's how i feel (terrible!)

The idea to build my blog because....i think because i don't have work to do. Everyday i just staring at my computer screen pretend that i am at the office, doing some secretarial works. When i finish, i will start watching some dvds. I love to watch the same movies repeatedly...aiyooo...this is one of my shortcomings. I was going crazy with Titanic last time and have watched it for 26 times (crazy huh?!). Admitt....i was crazy that time!

Ok, don't laugh if you accidentally jumped into this 'sinking' blog. Wassalam


Rosman said…
- i always remember about this movie tatanic, during your love affair with "someone special" in yr life. Your special friend whom I regarded as my adopted brother (we were very close till certain time, we quarelled and we re-united..), he goes up and down in list of closest brotherhood among Specky, Ujang, Ameng, Halim, Azus.., we lost "contact" especially when I moved to Paka in Aug 2000) till Jan 2007 when both of appeared in our house door!
- Coming back to titanic, you told me at work in late 1990s, that u have watched many many times and every time u watched this movie, you cry like a baby..
- Titanic describes "cara kita dua famili berkomunikasi" + "how we keep in touch" : it is NOT a smooth sail tapi we accepted that fact: it is ok for both of our families. We meet and we don't meet as we please (he he he..).
- Now I am in Doha, you are in Kuantan.. another great far far distant.. We can't make it to Kuantan, most of the time..
- Please do, register at for me when Iman Mishary allowed to sit near the computer..

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