Desktop Housewife

Which housewife am i?

Eddie - Lynette - Susan - Gabby - Bree

Today is complete one year four months plus plus i become a housewife. Fuhh...if i convert the year into day, just imagine, it has been four hundred and eight days i have spent my time at home. At day first, when i woke up from my bed, i totally disbelieved that 'hellooo...i am a housewife'.

But life must goes on. After a month, the first thing i have requested from my husband was 'You tolong install internet' (please install internet). And then when internet was installed, guess what? I just like pyscho, lunatic person who has never seen the computer for hundred years. I become a DESKTOP HOUSEWIFE! but lucky i am not a Desperate Housewife.... let me recall the character that suits me, Susan..noo...but i think Mike Delfino suits me a lot! Ha ha, pleaseeeeeee....maybe i like her pretty sexy face but NOOOO.... The answer is NONE of them. But I think Bree, though she feels like she is the most purrrrrrrfecto wife....but i like the way she makes her house so damn neat and clean. I also want to be like tat one mehhhhh...but how arr...? I know i dropping the word DESKTOP... (Ooo no...Yuhuuuuuuu...sorry!) You can give me a million reason why i must quit from the job as a desktop housewife, but not a million i will quit. Muahhhahahahahah...

Being a desktop housewife, besides smiling and staring at the computer screen, i have learned a lot of things including how to have this upside down blog. From there i got what i want, especially be able to chat with my ex colleagues! Sometimes i almost have forgotten to do house work (pisstttt...don't tell my husband). When i realize the clock is ding dong at 4.00pm, then i start to keep myself busy with house work, like vacuum the floor, clean up the dusty furnitures and whatsoever! Pretend that i am the most busiest housewife in the worlddddddddddd! And until today, here i am, in front of my desktop!


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