Omelette + Fettuccine

Ahaaaaaaaa..... Omelette plus Fettuccine. This is where i've got the name for my blog. Muazzam loves omelette so much but he dislikes fettuccine. If there's no other food in the world, then he wud eat it. I love fettuccine very much and i like omelette too but is not my favourite la, can eat la. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A DESCRIPTION OF OUR REAL LIFE OKKKKKK! Just want to share how 2 different persons, with different favs, with different manner and different gender of course, can stay together happily, alhamdulillah (Praise to ALLAH).

Yesterday i have cooked omelette (again?!) for dinner. My special Omelette recipe -

Ingredient A :
Eggs - 3

Ingredients B (for the filling) :
Onion - cut it into cube
Slice Mushroom - 2 types of mushroom would be more yummy yummy
Blended Beef
Blended Chicken

Grated cheese
Frying pan (this is important)

How to do it?
Melt the butter, and then you fry ingredient B (follow the sequence). And then when everything is fried. Do you have bowl? Ok, take the bowl and stir the eggs inside it, put a little salt.

Fry the eggs, ala as normal la.... then you can start scattering ingredients B on half of the surface of the omelette. Put cheese on it. Lastly you fold the omelette like you fold your bread when you finish spread the peanut butter on it!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....what a delicious, palatable omelette i makeeeeeee...... As usual, everytime when i cook, i will ask "How is it? Sedap tak?" (Is it delicious?). This time my husband said "Sedapppp...tapi hangus" (Delicioussss...but burnt).

Since that i did not receive a 'total' credit from Muazzam, i don't have mood to share my fettuccine recipe. Maybe next time!


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