The Pacifier

Kids...the most sincere creature in the world. Sometimes, because of their sincerity, can make us feel ashame, happy, exasperate, funny and etc. Example:

Her father calls home and Sarah picks up the phone,

Father: Sarah dah makan? (Have you eaten Sarah?
Sarah: Dah (Yes)
Father: Makan apa? (What have you taken?)
Sarah: Nasi (Rice)
Father: Adik Qayyum dah makan? (What about baby Qayyum?)
Sarah: Dah, dia makan kertas! (Yes, He ate paper!)

Happened to be that time Qayyum was playing with the newspaper and eat it.

Shasha: Kenapa perut abah buncit? (Daddy, why is it your stomach pot-belly?)

One day when my brother bring Shasha to Giant Hypermarket, in front of other shoppers...

Shasha: Abah dah dapat gaji ke belum? Shasha nak beli Pooh! Abahhhh..dah dapat gaji ke belum? (Daddy, did you get your salary yet? I want to buy Pooh! Daddyyyy, did you get your salary yet) - She speaks that out loud. And her question remain unanswered!

When Hakim was 6, He asked me;

Hakim: Mak Alang, tu apa tu? Yang tergantung tu? (Auntie, what is that? That hang thing?) He gaped his mouth widely.
Me: Anak tekak
Hakim: Tekak ada anak?! (Pharynx got kid?!)

One day i visit my younger sister who just gave birth to Leah...

Faliq: Jangan bawak balik adik kita (Don;t take home my sister)
Me: Eh! this is my baby laa...
Faliq: Bila pulak? Mak Alang mana pernah ada baby.... (When is it? Auntie never has baby)

I just give my very sweetttttttttttt smile. The truth is, kids never know how to lie. They talk based on what they see, what they see is what they believe. But i won't get offended by little kids because they are so clean and pure. Suddenly i was imagined how tough Vin Diesel was in The Pacifier!!


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