American Idol

I've never been
the one to raise my hand
that was not me
and now that's who I am

because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full
of gratitude

You were the one
the one that got me through

now I can see
and I believe

It's only just beginning

This is what we dreamed about
but my only question with me now
do I make you proud

stronger then i've ever been

Do i make your proud
Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved

This is what we dreamed about
but my only question with me now
do I make your proud

Stronger then i've ever been

Do I make your proud?
Do I make your proud?

Although my heart was cracked when Chris daughtry was voted out... fortunately Taylor Hicks is there and he has relieved my wound. What to do, maybe Americans wants to see different talent. Bo Bice and Chris are from the same genre of music. No matter what the reason is, i like both of them.

I do agree Taylor Hicks - SOUL PATROL has made himself to the final. Taylor is Taylor, he is himself. He sings from his heart and soul. Although he got something like 'hunchback' style when he sings, i don't know what to call it, but i still love to see him more and more... The first time i saw him on TV, i thought he has connection with George Clooney! Ha ha ha ha ha... Go Taylor Go! American loves you...(me too...yeeeeha ha ha)

Taylor asked me yesterday; Do I Make You Proud? Yes yes yes, you have made me proud dude!!!

Catherine, i got no comment. Except for her father who always cry a river everytime when he sees Catherine on the stage. :)


Anonymous said…
I agree with you. I love Chris, Cath should be voted out not Elliot

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