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:: Syawal, again...It Goes Away... ::

Sepasang Kurung Biru

Tiada salam atau ucapan
Tiada pesan tanda ingatan
Suasana penuh keriangan
Ku teringat pada seseorang

Di hari yang berbahgia ini
Hatiku kosong dan sepi sekali
Betapa manis kenangi lalu
Menyambut raya bersama denganku

Tiada bisikan lembut yang ku dengar
Hanya suara azan sayup bergema
Masih kurasakan hangat tanganmu
Di pagi raya bersalam dengan ku
Tetamu datang tetamu pergi
Namun tak tiba orang ku nanti
Hanya sepasang kurung nan biru
Menjadi teman mengubat rindu ku

Syawal is leaving us again. I remember last raya with abah, he was wearing sepasang baju melayu biru and mak with baju kurung warna purple (i bought it). Dalam hati bangga giler bila tengok mak pakai baju tu. The song i paste up there, one of my favourite raya song. When i heard this song aired on tv last few weeks, i was so touched. Maybe because of the lyrics mentioned about 'baju kurung biru' i guess.. Raya without abah and mak, it was totally different situation and the seemed quite 'ada kureng sikit'. I still can't wipe out the sadness... I miss my mom's rendang, nasi hujan panas, ayam goreng sambal.... a lot! Di manakan kucari ganti? I also can make rendang, but the taste isn't the same like my mom. Air tangan mak agaknya...

Talking about my feeling this raya, exactly like 'mix vege' or maybe even scrumptious like 'mix fruits cake'. I was so happy when i looked at Zafran with his baju melayu, so cute! He just really enjoyed the excitement. As usual we didn't go for theme color...rojak ayam habis! Muazzam with dark brown short sleeves and i was with baju kurung, orange color lagi tu...! Hahahahaha macam limau sunkist ke apa!
Muazzam he looks gorgeous with a new hair cut (although i disagree..i object! I frowned and shake my head 10 times - indicated refusal of the new cut) hehehehe, no worry dude.. hair grows anyway! You look gorgeous, but don't you know that you look even more gorgeous, handsome, macho with your long hair cut thou...? Time raya semua mesti nampak baru kan, rambut pun kena baru beb!

Many plans had called off last minute during raya this time. I don't want to do fairy tale story here. To Is and Ina, alhamdulillah you guys have touched down Spain safely, amin. Have a good life there! Look forward to seeing your pictures in the blog as promised dude! Btw, two pictures up there, it was last raya picha with abah and mak. How would i know it was the last...if i only knew, of course there would be million snaps...
Al Fatihah untuk abah dan mak.
Salam aidilfitri to all muslimin and muslimat, maaf zahir & batin!


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