Wahhhhhh look at that....isn't that painting beautiful...?! wakakakakakakakka...Shut up for those who doesn't know how to appreciate A R T. Hehehehehehehehe... Kamsa hamnida (Thank You) for those who really likes that painting and I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH. Look at the 'girl', i mean the girl standing next to that exquisite painting, so 'eksyen', cekak pinggang lagi. You know who is she? She is an ARTIST, but not a famous amos singer, a dancer or an actress. She is just a 'sengal' artist who knows how to doodle things on the canvas cloth. Hey, don't smirking at me!! Aku tampo kang...

I named my painting 'FIRST TIME' because that was my first time doing such thing on canvas. It looks smudgy, ,don't you think so? But i think that we call ART. Everybody can be an artist, as long as they know how to draw. Even they just splash a can of paint on the canvas just like can be considered a masterpiece has been churned out. <<< style="font-weight: bold;">My message
: Use your right and left brain to find the meaning on that abstract, just use your own judgement. Ok la... SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN


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