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Idea...idea...idea...please.... Last week i've got a call from my cousin in Kuching. She will be getting married next year probably in March. She wants me to help her on designing the goodies to give away to vip guests on that day. Ehem..of course i am in the list...i mean the vip guest list! I need a compact, perfect design for this, but i just couldn't think right now. But all i can think now.... i started to become like Mary Fiore in The Wedding Planner, the most prestigious wedding planner in San Francisco. (Perasan siot...) The different between me and Mary Fiore are :
1) I have found a love life of my own unlike her, she is damn busy until she couldn't find her love life.
2) I never think of something lucrative unlike her, that is her job...
3) MARY FIORE IS JENNIFER LOPEZ the beautiful specimen of humanity unlike me.... mmmm..... kuih lopeh (you don't just cushy nodding your head, agree ok... aku pelangkung pale tu nanti!)
Eeeeeee....Idea...idea....please idea....


Anonymous said…
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