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What is with RICH? the tv program seems quite boring. I just like go deaf and mute. Plan to clean up the kitchen but can i do it later? can (i heard voices answered that question for me). Suddenly i think about my old books and maganizes which 'steep in marinade' at the book shelves. I remember about the book which i bought last month EAT TO BEAT. It's all about what to eat to beat diseases. At the begining i was about to read that book, there are still unfinished topics that i need to cover.... but then i feel so 'malas' la today (am i that 'rajin' before??).

Time to day dreaming again. Hey..there are a lot of things i can achieve by that you know. Dream about being a rich people.....maybe like Bill Gates, the richest man in the worldddd.....he owns about 52.8 billion dollars, i wonder...if i work now, for how many years that amount will cover my salary?? I have read somewhere on the internet, that amount can pay Bush's salary for 132,000 years!! That was Bush okkkkkk..... And I have heard that Bill Gates would prefer not to be rich man (it sounds pathetic to me!). Wohh...that maybe words from someone who is already being declared as the richest man on the planet! Then i started to realize, that we call LIFE, where rich people doesn't care about being rich whereas people like me care so much how to have million dollars in the bank account (rob a Swiss Bank maybe!) hehehehehehe....

I guess maybe Bill Gates is one of good example of brilliant. But in Malaysia, I would like to take Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary as the perfect epitome of brilliant (for me). People rarely talk about him and we hardly see him in the newpapers (except once he was caught in the business column), television and so on but he is one of the richest man in Malaysia. I first read about him from the limited edition magazine - Tycoon. Wow...he is so humble, generous, worldly-wise person and .....of course RICH. From there, i browse more about him from the internet, i just get more impetus to become a positive person when i read about the way he pursues success until he becomes what he is now.

Well...actually the word 'rich' is the same with the word 'beautiful'. Some people says 'beautiful' is subjective. I think 'rich' also can be categorized in that phrase too. For example; rich of loves, rich of smiles, rich of kids, rich of kindness, rich of peacefulness, rich of ostrich (can arr...?) and bla, bla, bla, bla..... I realize, I have all that 'rich' except for kids and ostrich, what else i want? I am happy for what i am now....i just suka berangan, tak salah kan? Ok la malas nak membebel lebih-lebih. SELAMAT BERPUASA KEPADA MUSLIMIN DAN MUSLIMAT SEMUA....


Anonymous said…
hi! happy fasting to you...

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