Desktop Housewife a.k.a Desperate Buddy

Last saturday i was overexcited with my birthday celebration with my friends. You know being a housewife after 10 years working, had made me totally insane! It's not that i am over qualified to be one of the nominees for the Hospital Tanjung Rambutan...but there's a 'bizarre mental awareness' coming out from myself when my friends said "Oi, kita keluar nak?". I feel like.... "Ok, Ok bila nak keluar, aku on aje! Bila tu bagitau aku? Aku on aje" (<Do i sound like crazy desperate people on earth? Jawabla kalau berani, jawab aku kata!!!!) You know la...last time we were seeing each other everyday, we were laughing for the stupid jokes we made everyday, we were having lunch everyday and suddenly one day all that sweet things were gone. Instead of being desktop housewife, i am a desperate buddy now...

Ok this time, we were having lunch at the Coffee Street. That was my first time there, according to SPL, the food served there was tasteful. Yes! you were right, SPL! I ordered Mee Goreng Mamak. This question is for myself>>> "Don't you have anything else in this whole world to order???" LM ordered Toast Bread with honey with banana, SPL with her Nasi Goreng Cendawan and Zalina ordered Nasi Goreng Udang. Semua sedap!! Oo..i forget to tell you about the gifts that i have received from all my dearest friends. Mmmm...feeling like when i was in kindergarten school, so happy with the gifts when i opened it. I've got a Nike bag from SPL, Bed set from Lady Marmalade and 1 piece of bath towel with Happy Birthday embroidery. That was so nice and sweeeeettttttttt like me...kikikikikikikikikiki...

We dropped by at LM's house to perform our Asar and Maghrib. After that we went to Giant Hypermarket, Zalina misses that place so much, i think without Giant, she would get abnormal high body temperature. I can see her spherical eyes when she was in there. SPL didn't join us, you know laa...with kids and husband at home waiting for her, how could she ignore that? Unlike me, for this two weeks Muazzam will be very busy with the plant shutdown. So he will be home late but i have confused one thing on that day when i went home, he's already on the bed...dreaming, i guess. Now you tell me who was late??


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