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When i am blogging, Zafran is busy 'working'. He is always busy, more than a businessman, more than a Prime Minister. Well...keep up a good work Zafran, momma's dirty clothes are still 'unwashed', some dirty dishes in the sink, floor 'unmopping'.... Zafran helps momma la sayang... momma has other job to do la baby, is pretty sedentary (blogging, surfing!) muahahahaha

Today is our Prophet Muhamad Birthday, SALAM MAULIDUR RASUL to all of you out there. I remember my dad who was always busy when the reach of Maulidur Rasul. He joined the parade, he wore nice suit baju melayu together with the sampin. I imagined his smiley face now....

Is uneasy being in certain situation where forced us to make decision, but is easy to say anything we want when we are not in that situation. Practically, we always fail. Fail to stick to what we have decided on something. I am just a human being, weak, imperfect, sometimes make impetuously decision, action and sometimes the emotion did control my mind!
Don't be sad, La Tahzan... i remember the book told me not to be sad, stop living in a sorrow, stop being physically and mentally weak. But sometimes we failed to control our mind. We get surrounded by the emotions. When everything is out of control, how difficult our life has become. So i chose not to be in that group of people. At the beginning, my mind resisted. But now, Alhamdulillah, the 'muddled' feeling slowly goes away. Thank you ALLAH for helping me...


Anonymous said…
very nice!

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