:: The Chosen One ::

Zafran was staring at me with his limpid eyes while I was busy mopping the floor. I couldn’t help to see him like that. So I stopped mopping (for 2 hours!) which I thought it would be just for minutes, then I grabbed him and gave him million kisses until he got ‘fed up’, (yelled out loud right to my face!) Padan muka aku, seorang mama yang tak reti bahase! I put him back on the comforter and continue my job as a cleaner....

By sudden, my mind was tangoing to the past. I remembered the two faces that I longer for so much. I wish they were here to see how busy I was with the baby. Mak, Abah…I wish you both were here playing with Zafran. That was what we have been waiting for ages right?

The calm faces that suddenly gone, the voices that suddenly mute, the touch that suddenly dissappear....and suddenly everything is gone without a message. It had been fated. I was chosen by Him to face the challenges and there is only one thing I know why. Why? Because He loves me….

Looking back, there were tanks sweet memories left for me. And yet, it was still not enough. I wish I can live in the place where the time stand still, so that I can enjoy the face…the voice…the touch that I love the most with no limit. Can i?

At this moment, I still can’t forget every single thing about my parents. It comes and goes every second. I really miss them...really. When i look at Zafran, then i realized, time really flies. He's growing up and yet i realized it has been 8 months abah and mak had passed away. AL FATIHAH.


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