:: The Guy ::

It’s quite some time I don’t write. There were so many things had happened in my life recently. Well…that’s life. I have to accept for what is fated to me. It’s like you are receiving a courier delivery. As a receiver, you sign and take it. No matter how big, how small the package is... Things that happens, happened for a reason. Poignant story about my life in the previous months, later…

You wanna hear the real me now? Aha… On the mark, get set, gooo…pow!!@#!!(Sound of gun shot)

My life is busy latterly. It’s just like everyday I am on the marathon track. I feel like my left foot at north and my right foot at south….That is not including my hands…where are they? Mmmm….we have north, south…so I guess you can make wise guess where they are though!

Iman Mishary Zafran… That’s the guy. The name of the guy who makes my each day count. The guy who makes my feet flying to the north and south. The guy who makes my hands twisting to the west and east. The guy who gives such a massive happiness into my world. The guy who makes every space in my home turned to be an uproarious party. The guy who makes my head is so densely covered with future planning. I remembered last time I can sit on the couch having my leg jiggling + ‘cramp’ brain relaxing + watching dvds + napping (sleeping is the best word I guess Z z z z z z) + bla..bla..bla.. And now, the moment of truth, I got no time for that (Seriously?!! Are you kidding me? Shoott...but i wonder i got time for THE LAKE HOUSE, 15 times babe!).
The guy who makes my life completely busy (and my face looks messy). But i love it, love it baby! (Ikhlas aku cakap ni, hehehe)

Welcome to the world my son! Love you...


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