:: Don't Let The Past Hold You Back ::

No doubt sometimes the past always haunting us back. It's like a scar on your skin, the more you see it, the more you get hurt. Nobody wants to get hurt, but as long as you live, you definitely cannot run away from getting hurt. That we call 'cycle of life'. Mmmm...well...a lot of things had happened in my life. But i always pick only the sweet things to cherish. I pick not to let the past hold me back, especially the not so good things. Past is past. Let bygone be gone with the wind.

Life is full with options. Whether to be happy or sad, it's up to you to decide. And i choose to be happy the whole day, all the way, the rest of my life....

Bad memories are hurt. Sometimes we become revengeful person just because of the past. Revenge? Until when? For how long? Would revenge makes you satisfy? Would that take you to 'heaven'? What i see, it won't take you anywhere.... For me no matter how bad the past were, there would be no 'perfect' reason for you to feel sad TODAY. The past is history, TODAY is reality. Do you choose to live in history or reality? If you choose HISTORY, I welcome you to the blockhead globe! History is something you should learn from, not to live in it.

We no need to be a clairvoyant just to predict what would we get tomorrow, always wanting something good in our life, but the fact is we don't totally have no idea what would we be getting in the future. Think about TODAY, what we have TODAY and learn to appreciate it. Today, the happiness is already in our palm, we have succeeded in so many things in our life, suddenly the mind twist to the past and THE PAST kills everything. Do you think is unfair for you?

'La Tahzan' or Don't Be Sad written by Dr. Aidh Bin Abdullah Al Qarni. Muazzam bought that beautiful book last saturday. As usual, i have not yet finished reading the book, but when i read the first chapter, only the first chap, something have come into my senses, which all this while i did not realize at all. There is one page in that book, it explains why we should not hold to the past. I am not a skillful commentator (never will) for such an exquisite book like that. Pesanan: Beli dan Bacalah sendiriu! Kehkehkehkeh


Rosman said…
- tahniah on yr blog.. nice writing, really.. pandai you paraphrase all wordings, like a professional book writer.. i admire your courage. Syukur, now you and muazzam got one pearl (light) in your life, we are happy for you, as always. Wanting to see you in December in Kuantan, if not later in 2008.. salam. Megat, KakYah, Doha, Qatar.
Tay said…
Thanks for the compliment bro. Actually memang i nak jadi writer hahahahahaha..(don't laugh at me, but i did laugh at myself!) Dah lama tak update, you know la kan. too many things happened in my life one shot like that... anyway kirim salam dekat Kak Yah, Amni and Amna.
Kylia said…
Good words.
Greentea-Tay said…
Hi Kylia.. thanks!

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