:: I See You ::

Ya Allah, I really miss him...

Everytime i persuade Zafran and Lydia
I see you
Everytime i take Zafran and Lydia to play
I see you
Everytime i teach Zafran and Lydia to talk
I see you
Everytime i hold Zafran and Lydia to walk
I see you
Everytime i buy Zafran and Lydia toys
I see you
There are many things i do with Zafran and Lydia now,
I see you

I see you in many ways when i am with Zafran and Lydia. I see you when i stare them. I feel you when i touch them. I feel lonely when they sleep because my world seemed to be so mute without their voices. Now i see it, now i feel it. I see you abah.. I see you each second of my life. I see you through the eyes of Zafran and Lydia. I see your love and I feel it.

Today is father's day. Last time i saw your smile when i gave you a gift. I remember when i met your company mate and she told me a story about the perfume. You told everyone that crossed your eyes about the perfume. You said you like it so much, you said it was expensive and you told everyone it was a gift from 'my daughter'.
When i was growing up... You taught me more about life, you told me not to do this and that to my 'rebelled' ears. That time it was eccentric to me because i thought i already a big girl and i wanted to do things on my own, my way. Now i realize, indirectly you had taught me many lessons in life, though sometimes i ignored them. You had taught me something that i couldn't find it anymore in everyone, in everything throughout the world.

I have a long story to tell everyone about you but i don't know where to begin. Right here, right now, let it first save in my boxes of memory. One day when Zafran and Lydia understands the words, when they start to appreciate things in life, i will let them know about you, about you and mak from AtoZ.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers in the world... you are truly my man!


Anonymous said…
我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。 ..................................................

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